How to Play Tobiano’s Toughest Hole #8

Scoring par on Tobiano’s most demanding Par 5, Hole 8, is no easy feat. In fact, one could argue Hole #8 is one of the hardest golf holes in the province, stretching to 589 yards with a forced carry of your tee shot over a ravine, the second shot demanding accurate right-hand placement so as not to roll into yet another ravine, and then another accurate approach shot to a well guarded green. Here are CPGA Head Professional, Shannon McGeady’s step-by-step instructions on how to conquer Tobiano’s most challenging hole like a pro. 

Step One: Make your Tee Shot

The drive on this hole is all about the carry, a 180-yard carry to be precise. It’s all in the swing, so be sure to put a solid swing on it, no harder nor faster, just solid!

Hitting a straight line towards the bare face below the Sage teebox will give you a little room to go left or right. But keep in mind that the farther right you go off the tee, the more distance you will have to carry to reach the fairway.

Step Two: Stick to the Fairway

Take a quick second to celebrate hitting the fairway because congratulations, you’re almost halfway to victory on Hole 8! Shannon suggests celebrating with a shot or maybe a swig of beer! From here out, it only becomes more challenging, so prepare yourself. 

Your next step should be to stroll around your ball to see what the hole looks like and how you can play it. From here, you’ll want to get parallel with the bunkers to see the beautiful but daunting ravine carving into the right-hand sight of the fairway. To avoid losing your ball down the crevasse, you’ll want to favour the left side aiming for the 100 or 150-yard mark and use a longer club to give yourself a chance to make the green in three. 

For the third shot, long hitters should be able to carry from the canyon to the green, but players who are laying up should aim farther left than they think to avoid the rough on the right-hand side (remember, it is a lot easier to find the ball on the left than it is to find it in the canyon).

Step Three: Tackle the Green

Although this particular green is awfully quick, and it slopes significantly from left to right towards the water, you can tackle it by checking all the angles and breaks to ensure you are making a precise putt.

After you par Hole #8 (we hope), celebrate with another shot or swig of beer, and should you find a rare birdie, celebrate by telling everyone, including strangers, that you birdied Tobiano’s most challenging hole – you definitely earned that bragging right!

Now that you’ve got all the steps to conquer Tobiano’s toughest Par 5, Hole 8, and are confident you can do it with your eyes closed, book your tee time and take on the challenge!