Nominate Tobiano for Best of Kamloops!

Nominations are open for the Best of Kamloops and, after winning in 2019 for Best Golf Course, Tobiano is hoping to grab the gold in the following categories:

  • Best Golf Course
  • Best Development
  • Best Tourist Attraction outside City Limits
  • Best Wedding Venue
  • Best Business Event

Additionally, the Black Iron Club & Grill at Tobiano is looking to secure nominations for:

  • Best Patio
  • Best Burger
  • Best Local Chef

Here’s where you come in – head over to Best of Kamloops and nominate Tobiano & the Black Iron Club & Grill before June 5th! Once nominated, voting for the cream of the crop will start June 19th.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to put Tobiano on top!