Provincial Vaccination Passport Mandate

As per the Order of the Provincial Health Officer, dated September 10th, 2021, beginning Monday, September 13, 2021, for all people over 12 years of age (born in 2009 or earlier) access to some businesses, services and events, will require Proof of Vaccination.
We recognize that vaccination is an individual choice and that not all patrons of Tobiano Golf Course will be vaccinated, either by choice or other concerns, or may not want to show proof of vaccination. We will make every effort possible to accommodate all our guests, as follows at Tobiano Golf Course:


Entering the pro shop, golfing, use of the practice facilities, use of the exterior washrooms and purchases from the beverage cart DO NOT require proof of vaccination.

Black Iron Club & Grill

Entering the Black Iron Club and Grill, including the outdoor patio (the area with paving stones) WILL REQUIRE PROOF OF VACCINATION for entry and service. This area is defined as “Licensed restaurants and restaurants that offer table service (indoor and patio dining)”. This is a mandate issued by Order of the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia and we are required to follow it. Failure to follow this Order will subject our staff and guests to health concerns from COVID-19, put us in violation of the Public Health Order and subject us to significant fines and the possible closure of our facility. Patrons in violation are also subject to significant fines.

Additionally, please review our policies & procedures for dining prior to arrival.

What is Accepted as Proof of Vaccination?

Patrons of the Black Iron Club & Grille must produce proof of single or double vaccination as of September 13th, and then full double vaccination as of October 23rd. Acceptable proof of vaccination is as follows

  1. BC Vacccine Card – saved to mobile phone or printed on paper.
  2. BC Immunization Record – accepted until September 26th only.
  3. Outside-of-BC Immunization Record – for visitors to BC.

Patrons providing a current medical exemption issued by the Province of British Columbia are exempt from the Provincial Health Order. The only acceptable medical exemptions are those issued by the Province of British Columbia, exemptions from medical professionals are not acceptable.

Rest Area

To accommodate our guests who are not able to provide proof of vaccination, we have established an outdoor rest area at the east end of the clubhouse for a maximum of 50 people. There is no table service available for this area, however curbside pickup for take-out is available.

We ask all guests at Tobiano to respect one another regardless of your personal beliefs on the vaccine, COVID-19 or the Orders issued by all levels of our government. Please provide our staff with the same respect as they do their best to comply with the policy directives issued by all levels of government. We are here to do our utmost best to provide you with a wonderful experience at Tobiano and to keep all of us safe and healthy.


The ownership, management, and staff of Tobiano