About Tobiano Golf

The best public golf course in British Columbia. Best New in Canada by multiple magazines. Top 10 in Canada.

Tobiano is without question one of the most discussed golf courses ever to open in Canada – and for good reason.

“I couldn’t tell you the signature hole—because there are 18 of them,”

says SCOREGolf‘s Bob Weeks.

He’s right – Tobiano is full of standouts. From the drama of the opening tee shot, with Kamloops Lake positioned in the background, to the 13th, a par five that features a daunting and tantalizing tee shot over a vast canyon, Tobiano is exciting from start to finish.

Every great golf course starts with an incredible piece of property where the designers’ vision can be crafted on a natural canvas. Few settings in the world are better than where designer Thomas McBroom created Tobiano. 

“Tobiano has to be the best site I’ve ever seen from a drama and a beauty point of view,”

 says McBroom.

There’s no doubt the canyons that run throughout Tobiano – and McBroom’s ingenious incorporation of them into his design – sets the course apart. But it goes beyond that, with the clear blue of the ever-present lake giving the course another element usually found only on seaside courses. 

“Kamloops Lake is in view from some point on every hole,” “and those holes closest to it are reminiscent of Pebble Beach.”

says Golf Digest architecture Ron Whitten

“[Tobiano] tops the perennial ‘best-of’ lists for the region, mostly for its ingenious routing through numerous crevices and sage-bordered canyons,”

Says David Weiss in Golfweek

With those exemplary raves, it is no surprise that accolades for the course—with its mix of five par threes, including the staggeringly beautiful seventh hole with its cliffhanger tee shot—continue to pour in.

There’s no doubt about it – Tobiano is a work of art and a spectacular golf experience rolled into one.

Architect: Thomas McBroom

One of the highest regarded golf designers in the business today, Thomas McBroom’s courses can be found all over the world – from Europe to China to the Caribbean, but most prevalently in his native Canada.

McBroom’s courses are distinguished by their details, strategy, routing and outstanding beauty, and have routinely been regarded as among the best courses in Canada, of which Tobiano is his most highly ranked work. In all, McBroom has 12 courses in SCOREGolf’s Top 100 in Canada, second only to legendary designer Stanley Thompson.

McBroom knew he’d found something unique anywhere in the world when he first saw the site for Tobiano: 

“My first thought was just how powerful the site is from a drama and a beauty point of view. I’ve said it many times, but Tobiano has to be the best site that I’ve ever seen in terms of that beauty and that drama.”

The cornerstone of his work is a profound understanding and fascination with the history and tradition of the game in combination with his own creative flair and vision. The hallmark of a McBroom course is one that is beautiful, dramatic, memorable and fun to play. Timeless classics just like Tobiano.

But perhaps the designer sums it up best: 

“Tobiano is literally as good as it gets.”