Closing the Curtain on Another Fantastic Season

We have closed the curtain on another fantastic season at Tobiano, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support we receive each year from golfers near and far.

As we tuck the course away for the winter season, we’d like to send a friendly reminder that Tobiano Golf Course is private property. While we are closed for the season, our team is committed to promoting safety, while keeping the course in impeccable condition.

Pedestrian traffic, including any winter activities such as tobogganing, is prohibited. This is a rule that’s established for safety, maintenance, and security purposes. Walking the course, especially in the wintertime, can pose safety risks, including poor visibility, and potential hazards. It can also impact the natural terrain and sensitive turfgrass that we need to ensure is healthy and undamaged over the winter months.

Our dedicated maintenance team is in the process of winterizing the course. An irrigation blowout is scheduled for the end of October. Then moving into November, our team will focus on winter applications up until snowfall. With equipment and ongoing work, it is crucial to keep the course clear of pedestrian traffic.

We are grateful to be in a community surrounded by natural beauty and plenty of nearby walking trails that we encourage the public to explore. We also invite you to enjoy the other features of Tobiano, including The Black Iron Club & Grill, which remains open throughout the year. With seasonal events on the calendar, the restaurant is also a great spot for holiday parties, which you can book here.

A tremendous thank you to all the golfers who have chosen Tobiano – we look forward to welcoming you back on the course in 2024!