How to Play Tobiano’s Top 3 Signature Holes

Set above the shores of Kamloops Lake and consistently acclaimed as one of Canada’s best golf courses, a round at Tobiano is one to add to your bucket list! Despite boasting incredible views and a peaceful, desert-like landscape, Tobiano also offers some very challenging terrain if you aren’t prepared. Once you’ve taken your hole photo and drawn your attention back from the view to your game, CPGA Head Professional, Shannon McGeady, provides step-by-step instructions to give you an advantage (and bragging rights) over your friends as you take on Tobiano’s top three signature holes!

Hole 7: Tobiano’s Selfie Spot

The front nine’s Hole 7 is one of the toughest par 3 holes on the course – which is why proper club selection is imperative if you intend on making par. The shallow green allows you to pull off a slight miss left or right of the centre, but avoid being too short or too long as you will find yourself in the ravine 

Be sure to snap a photo with your selfie stick, or use a long-armed friend in your foursome, because just like Shannon says, this is one of Tobiano’s prime selfie spots!

Hole 14 – Tobiano’s Signature View

You’ll understand why Hole 14 is one of Tobiano’s signature holes when you step onto the tee box and see the unparalleled mountain and lake view! On this Par 4, you’ll want to aim directly at the 150-yard marker. Don’t worry too much about a perfectly straight shot, even if you are slightly left or right your ball will still find the fairway. Anything too left though will likely be lost but anything to the right should be ok as long as you watch the line of flight to find your ball.

On your approach shot, note that it takes less than you think and definitely less than a full club. Upon reaching the green, take time to read the angles to avoid any subtle breaks and get stuck in bogey territory, or worse, double-bogey territory. 

Hole 15 – Tobiano’s Signature Par 3

To celebrate (or redeem) yourself after playing Hole 14, move on to Hole 15 and Tobiano’s Signature Par 3 of the back nine. Like Shannon mentions, this hole plays slightly downhill, so anything on the right side should funnel towards the middle of the green.

A good tee shot onto the mound, at the front right of the green, should reward you with a makeable birdie putt or even a hole-in-one, and the permission to brag that comes along with it! 

Holes 1, 2, 8 and 13 have also been noted as Tobiano’s signature holes, bringing the total to 7 and well worth your venture to Tobiano to determine them for yourself. One thing for sure is though… Hole 8 is the toughest! Just because we’re nice, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on How To Play Tobiano’s Toughest Hole #8 as well!!

If you think you’re ready to tackle Tobiano, it’s time to book a tee time.