Introducing Chef Cliff Huck at Black Iron Restaurant

Tobiano is delighted to announce the arrival of our new Chef, Cliff Huck, to Black Iron Restaurant. Chef Cliff comes to Tobiano by way of 108 Mile Resort, with previous experience at the Hills Health Ranch, Best Western Kelowna, St. Eugene Golf & Casino Resort, and Copper Point Golf Club. His style embraces Pacific Northwest cuisine, capturing culinary trends and creating dishes using local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients.

When asked about his signature dish for Black Iron Restaurant, Chef Cliff replies: “Everything is so unique, just like Tobiano Golf Course has 18 signature holes, so our Black Iron Restaurant menus will have at least 18 signature dishes” – so you’ll never tire of the menu!  

And new to the refreshment cart this year… Chef Cliff’s signature sushi to go alongside the specialty sandwich offerings. Chef Cliff also has ordered a brand new oven for Tobiano and upon its arrival the smell of fresh breads baking will be incredibly welcoming. Guests will even have the opportunity to purchase fresh-baked bread to take home. 

We are excited about The Black Iron Restaurant’s cutting-edge kitchen equipment upgrade which will allow us to service larger groups more effectively. 

We invite you to The Black Iron Restaurant to partake of Chef Cliff’s fantastic fare!