Golf The Kamloops Flavours Trail

Fall is arguably the most perfect time of year to play golf at Tobiano. Chilly nights give way to crisp, dewy mornings, warming to perfectly sunny afternoons. The clarity of the air is matched only by the clarity of the surrounding colours, and renewed vibrant hues reflect on greens and fairways. And then, of course, Fall is also the season of bounty – of which there is plenty around Tobiano!

Tobiano falls pretty much slap bang in the middle of the Kamloops Flavours Trail: we are surrounded, quite literally, by all things good on this earth… Wineries, farms, farmers’ markets, fruit stands, brewpubs, ciderhouses, dairy farms and more. You can’t swing a club without hitting some spectacular local flavour hotspot (our own Black Iron Restaurant included).

Put the two together – Fall Flavours and Fall Golfing – and you’ve got the perfect Fall Getaway. Play a round at Tobiano in the morning, then spend the afternoon on a Kamloops Wine Tour. (Golf and wine: could this just be the perfect pairing?) Spend the next morning exploring local farms and flavours, before working off any indulgences with another 18 holes. End your trip with dinner at the Black Iron Restaurant and views for days… And that, folks, is how you ‘Golf the Kamloops Flavours Trail’.