Kamloops is in the fore!ground

Every once in awhile, things just gel. Really gel. Like Tourism Kamloops working together with Golf Kamloops to bring six journalists and influencers to Kamloops to share our unique boldly unscripted golf story. And then the group gels. And things get good. Really good. And the stories build…

Kamloops in the fore!ground was the first article as a result of this initiative. Jessica Wallace of Kamloops this Week published her story July 11th while the group was still in town, providing early accolades and a duly-earned shoutout to Tourism Kamloops for their collaborative efforts with Golf Kamloops! This wasn’t the first story to be produced, however, as the Instagram and Facebook stories had already been flying for days, as had the posts and tweets! And then it was our turn to host…

With incredible weather teed up, the group followed suit with Tobiano Head Golf Professional Shannon McGeady hosting one group, and Director of Marketing Trisha Larsen hosting the other. Suffice it to say, Shannon’s group beat Trisha’s, and the girls tied the boys in Shannon’s match play, however, nothing about this day was about the score! Scores are for Tobiano’s forthcoming PRO-AM on August 17 & 18th! This day was about the experience and impressing our guests, and we did just that…

@golfadvisor “The #Kamloops Lake feels like it’s in play on every hole of #Tobiano – the scenic beauty in #GolfKamloops #BritishColumbia #Canada #HelloBC

@jasondeegangolfadvisor “If you can’t take good pics at #Tobiano, well, find another hobby. One of the signature, one-of-a-kind experiences in #Canada. #BritishColumbia”

@18underpargolf “Round 5 takes us to @tobianogolf, a golf course so scenic that it’s difficult to focus on your game! The golf course is also a challenge, so much so that @louisoosthuizen57 was here to practice a week before the 2019 @usopengolf!”

@anitadraycott “Tobiano golf course is arguably the drama queen of British Columbia. And I mean that not in terror but in the extraordinary terrain sense.”

@smooderoo “No shortage of views at #tobianogolf. Ranked in the top 10 public tracks in Canada, the course is an absolute stunner! Good luck keeping your head down. #golfkamloops

@gordinsidegolf2 “Always ranked as one of Canada’s best this is a “must play” track!”

@golfismental “@tobianogolf is one of those places that hits you right in the golfing soul”

18 holes of Tobiano golf, a fantastic lunch, an après golf boat ride (and impromptu dip) on Kamloops Lake and relationships built to last = hosting mission accomplished. We thank each of our guests for their time and comradery and are privileged for the opportunity to host. Let the stories continue to fly!